As a family company, and in order to fulfil our commitment to offering our customers the best possible quality, at König we’ve opted against a franchise business model. Thanks to this approach we can maintain our suppliers and help them grow together with us as partners.

Our hamburgers, for example, have been supplied by the same butcher since day one, or our German-style sausages, which have been supplied by the same company for over 25 years.
They embody our philosophy that having local suppliers who can offer top quality is more important than other factors, such as price.

Other examples include our famous “KÖNIG BRAVES”, made from potatoes freshly delivered to us every day (not frozen) and checked meticulously by our employees before being prepared.
We have more than five bread suppliers, because each bakery has its own speciality.

Daily contact with local suppliers guarantees personalised, efficient and top quality service.
We modify our menu once a year with the goal of improving products and increasing our variety, ensuring that a visit to König is synonym of a reasonably priced and enjoyable experience in beautiful premises.